Practice Areas

Practice Areas

New York State Criminal Cases

Joshua L. Dratel, P.C., provides comprehensive representation, and has extensive experience in, all manner and phases of New York State criminal matters.

The firm's notable achievements in New York State criminal representation include:
  • People v. �Mason� - Secured dismissal of charges, including under New York's Organized Crime Control Act, in major asbestos removal fraud prosecution;

  • People v. "Rhodes Contracting" - Successfully represented major New York construction company in negotiating non-prosecution agreement in New York County investigation of failure to pay employees prevailing wage on public construction project;

  • Investigation of "Douglas Marvin" - Successfully represented an executive who was subject of New York County investigation into failure to pay prevailing wages on public construction project, resulting in no prosecution;

  • People v. "Washington" - Obtained acquittal in A-1 cocaine distribution case in New York County involving allegations that the client distributed more than 50 kilograms of cocaine;

  • People v. "Elkins" - Obtained dismissal for real estate executive charged with bank fraud stemming from his alleged involvement in a "Nigerian letter fraud" scam; and

  • People v. "Leo" - Successfully achieved a Level One designation - the lowest classification - for a defendant at a hearing pursuant to New York State's Sex Offender Registration Act despite the prosecution's initial request for a Level Three designation.
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