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Joshua L. Dratel, P.C. is a nationally recognized, full-service law firm. Established in 1996, the firm has built a reputation for excellence in federal and New York State cases, including trial and appellate representation in criminal defense and civil litigation.

Joshua L. Dratel leads a team of exceptionally talented lawyers dedicated to the vigorous and effective representation of their clients. By specializing in meeting the needs of its clients, whether individuals or institutions, the firm has received national and international recognition for landmark criminal cases, successful representation of high-profile clients, and outstanding defense in cases ranging from business and cyber/computer crime, terrorism and drug-related accusations, extradition matters both to and from the U.S., capital crimes and civil litigation. Many of the firm͊ groundbreaking achievements have received extensive media coverage and inclusion in books and related literature. Conversely, some of the firm୯st effective work flies under the radar, as it involves helping clients avoid criminal charges or lawsuits altogether. The firm has also been involved in litigation in several countries, and has a wide variety of legal and other international contacts in order to provide its clients the best resources in an increasingly globalized legal environment.

Joshua L. Dratel, P.C.'s mission is to defend the rights of each and every client, no matter what his or her legal challenge or need may be. Contact the firm for more information or for a free consultation regarding your case.

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