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Lindsay A. Lewis, Esq., Expert Reviewer, Know Your Rights Sets 1 & 2
(Rosen Publishing, 2015 & 2016)

This groundbreaking series advises teens how to avoid legal problems, as well as offering counsel to teens who have run afoul of the law already. By providing wise and empathetic advice about the law and individual rights, these books represent a pathway to smart and successful life choices. Titles in the 13-book series include: "Alcohol and Drug Offenses;" "Felony Prosecution;" "Misdemeanor Prosecution;" "Your Legal Rights as a Juvenile Charged as an Adult;" "The Law and Your Family;" "Your Legal Rights Online;" "Your Legal Rights in School;" "Your Legal Rights as an Immigrant;" "The Law and Your Personal Health;" "Your Legal Rights in the Workplace;" "Racial Profiling and Discrimination;" "The Juvenile Court System;" and "Juvenile Detention Centers."
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