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Joshua L. Dratel, P.C. is a national practice serving clients at all stages of the criminal process, including:
  • representing defendants, witnesses, and entities in grand jury investigations and subpoenas;
  • negotiating with prosecutors to avoid the filing of criminal charges;
  • representing a client from arrest through trial, including conducting factual investigations,
    filing motions, and trying cases;
  • providing sentencing advocacy after trial;
  • litigating financial issues such as asset seizures and forfeiture;
  • representing clients on appeal from convictions and civil judgments;
  • negotiating optimal plea bargains;
  • representing clients in extradition matters to and from the U.S., including serving as a consultant/expert witness in foreign courts with respect to various aspects of U.S. law and practice;
  • advising clients on the collateral consequences of prospective and prior dispositions of criminal cases, and reopening such cases in order to ameliorate the impact of such dispositions on employment opportunities;
  • advising organizations and individuals with respect to prospective conduct that might implicate U.S. and other laws, particularly with respect to national security;
  • assisting organizations in developing processes and protocols designed to navigate federal and state statutory and regulatory systems; and
  • conducting corporate and other internal investigations.
We represent clients in both federal and state proceedings that involve 詴e collar鮶estigations and charges, including fraud, securities, tax, and public corruption cases, or involve other criminal conduct such as racketeering, murder, assault, rape, or narcotics violations. While based in New York City, we are regularly involved in trials and appeals across the U.S. Recently, we have tried cases in California, Idaho, Texas, and New York, and appeared as appellate counsel in the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Circuits. We have also been involved in international criminal matters, assisting foreign counsel with respect to extradition and matters connected to U.S. laws and courts.

We represent individuals as well as institutions and entities such as corporations, partnerships, and foundations. We have a proven track record of excelling in complex cases, legal advice with respect to prospective conduct, and internal investigations.

Our firm is also known nationally for its retained and public interest representation of individuals facing charges in high-profile cases. We believe that every client is entitled to top-flight representation and that the rule of law and the Constitution's strength and resiliency depend upon it. Joshua Dratel was the first U.S. civilian attorney to visit a client at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and to represent an individual charged in the Guantanamo Bay military commissions, ultimately obtaining the client's release to his home country (Australia). We continue to defend many individuals charged in high-profile terrorism and national security cases. Mr. Dratel is also a member of select panels chosen to represent indigent defendants and those charged with capital offenses.

In addition to our criminal defense work, we also represent clients in some select civil matters that are related to criminal proceedings or in situations in which our skills and experience can solve a problem or provide superior litigation representation.                                                                                                                                                   
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